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简介:Information Japan is on the brink of a population crisis - it‘s in decline and its young people are to blame. They‘re not having sex. They‘re not getting into romantic relationships. And they‘re not getting married.60 percent of women and 70 percent of men aged 18-34 identify as single. While this could be dismissed as a possible trend of young people in Japan rejecting traditional relationships, they‘re not hooking up either. Around 44 per cent of unmarried women and 42 per cent of unmarried men have reported in a government census that they are virgins. In just 2017 alone, Japan saw a 403,000 population decline. For a country of 127 million people, declines like this could be catastrophic if the trend isn‘t reversed.Host of The Feed, Marc Fennell, went to Japan to investigate the crisis for the documentary Sex In Japan: Dying For Company